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January 1, 2019

Planning for Australia !! Know 25 Facts About Australia.

There is no place in the world like Australia not even its beautiful neighbor New Zealand Henry Rollins here are 25 facts about Australia that show why it’s so unique.

 25: There’s a lake in Australia called at Lake Hillier that is a bright shade of pink unlike with other similar likes scientists are still not completely sure .

 24: According to scientists about three-quarters of the species that make Australia home have yet to be discovered.

23: In 2009 semi show and Iraqi Refugee tried to pay back the Australian government for all the welfare payments he took before starting his successful Construction Company.

22: Australia’s national science agency claims to have basically invented Wi-Fi and has even sued over it.

21:  In Australia there are more kangaroos Than People.

20 : There’s a river called The Never Never River.

 19: In 1890 to several hundred people left Australia to create new Australia which was supposed to be a utopian society in the middle of Paraguay.

18: The stinging Bush makes you vomit just by touching it.

 17: The city of Melbourne used to be called batmania.

 16: Australia claims the largest part of Antarctica 5.8 million square kilometers or 2.2 million square miles.

15: In 1859 22 rabbits were introduced to a rabbit list in Australia in 1869 the continent was home to two million rabbits.

 14: Highway 1 is the world’s longest national highway it’s 14500 km or 9,000 miles long and it encircles the entire country.

 13: There’s a mountain called Mount disappointment because the explorer who reached at Summit we’re not satisfied with the view.

 12: Elizabeth’s Bookshop in Newtown wraps its books and paper with a short description on them so that nobody can judge a book by it’s cover.

11: In spite of its bad reputation the last time somebody died of a spider bite in Australia was in 1981.

10: Anna Creek Station the world’s largest cattle ranch is bigger than the entire country of Israel.

9 : In Victoria only a licensed electrician is allowed to change light bulbs.

8: Australia is home to the top 10 deadliest snakes in the world.

 7: Australia export camels to Saudi Arabia.

6: Recently 6000 riding camels invaded the town of doctor River in search of water.

 5: In fact although the country is known for a cuddly koalas.

4: people surveyed in England thought Australia was farther away than the moon .

 3:country of Australia is an island surrounded by more than 8,000 smaller Islands.

2: There is  10,000 beaches you can visit a different beach every single day for the next 30 Years.

1: Burger King is called Hungry Jacks because when BK first expanded to Australia the name was already trademarked by a takeaway food shop in Adelaide.

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