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May 23, 2019

We are being handled by technology!

Do you know we are not handling technology; we are being handled by our creation? And all the technology is the result of science? The semantic of science is orderly body or matter of knowledge based on observation, reasoning and experimental facts. Similarly,technology is the product of applied knowledge and creativity which relate each other like strong bonding . Technology is the innovation of the necessity. Everything which is being use in our day to day to day life is elegant achievement of technology. It leads us to new era with sophisticated and luxurious fate beyond recognition. “Technology is neither curse nor blessing. It’s entirely up to us how we utilize it.”

The era of technology has enriches our world with its glory. All the incredible which we are spotting is furbish utilization of it to a narrow the world. It has given us speed, luxury, and safety. Big rockets, satellites to all nano devices are the marvelous gifts of technology. They are boon especially during the periods of natural catastrophes; wars to rescue the sufferers and it thus save the humanity from ruination. It has given eye to the blind, ears to the deaf, tongue to the dumb and legs to the lame. So it has got victory over the world. We are all informed of all the events occur in every nooks and corners of the world. There is hardly a single field where there is no technology have a great faith in benevolent nature of technology. That’s why people, thus from every perimeter, it has made the world financially and materially richer. Together, technology regard as blessing for mankind.

However, technology has no exception to its mighty and demolishing drawbacks. What technology gives by one hand, it takes by another. The invention of machinery and large production has resulted insanitary living circumstances. Hence, we are lazy, unhealthy and sycophant. It performs all our works and creates unemployment. So today people have hand-to-mouth problem. Likewise, scientific tools are luxurious for the rich and dreams for the poor.

The invention of atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb has threatened the peace of the world. Thus, it divides the people between the haves and haves not. It gives birth to never ending smash between them. All the inventions are massively used in the war. For instance North Korea militarized border with South Korea and they use all their finance in hydrogen bomb and its research. Yet the nations have been investing their money on accumulating arms rather aiding to poor and needy ones. They don’t shed their tear to the agony of the poor. Instead their prime motive is to show their supremacy at any cost, which ultimately promotes the nuclear war. It can kill the millions of people within blinking of an eye. It is due to the wrong use of technology today means are so much lost in the materialistic welfare. So they are in-fact the real causes of carnage and mass destruction.

Technology in each category represent a successively larger category of activities which are highly interdependent but distinct. We need technical education to handle the technology. Government should pay attention for the development of technical education. It is massively different from general education, for technical education duo theoretical knowledge and practical skills. In context of our country Nepal, we have technology but not ace technicians to handle it. We have to hire them from abroad. It means a huge ransom of our national budget is going out. Hence pace of development is very slow. It is a matter of misfortune. Practice of research as a source for development and assimilation of new human skills enables more efficient strategies of applied research development and refinement. Thus, being bookies to research papers is not cent percent achievement. Its application in practical show its ultimate relation like brain with body parts.

In essence, our problems are not due to applied science, i.e. technology. It is the misuse that has created unthinkable havoc. That’s why genuine use is a boon to humanity whereas wrong is a bitter curse. It is therefore; enhance to remark ” Science is an angel in peace but a devil in war.” Probably because of this fact, one scholar said,” How can we dream of lovely spring when we are uprooting the trees in winter?”

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