Way to Get lifetime free License and discount using college/University email

Hello everyone thanks for visiting my blog and today I am going to teach you a trick from which you can get free lifetime license for many software and products as well as upto 50% discount and coupon codes

So guys if you are in college or in universities and they have given you a official student email then you can do a lot with that. So let’s start with steps :

first of all go to github.com and sign in using college email (regular email will not work in this trick)

After sign up goto google and search github student pack and click on first link (it will be faster than searching on github) you have to fill basic information like college name and other basic data.

Having problem on searching links and all then go through this link 🔗https://education.github.com/pack

You should see

After that click Get the pack and go to next step and now you should have access to all of these packs.

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